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What's up with Business English Programs?


Saying the words ‘English Class’ often brings up less than fond memories of verb tenses, formulas, and impatient, often cranky English teachers.


However, today the world of English Language Learning, and in particular Business English, is very different. Effective Business English Programs are now dynamic, fast passed, motivational and highly practical. They are ‘hybrid’ and combine Business English communication training with the development of English as a foreign language. This means you get the both best of both worlds - you can develop your English and at the same time learn or improve valuable business skills which can be applied in all languages. The best part of these programs are that they are skill based, so you can choose the areas you want to focus on and develop.

If you’re a busy 'up and coming' executive, you will probably need a program that incorporates meeting and negotiating skills. If you work in customer service, you’ll need to develop great telecommunication, email writing, and problem-solving skills. If you work in development or marketing, presentation skills and public speaking might be right up your alley. Whatever your business communication needs are, a great training provider can create a program that is effective for you and your company.


Business English programs don’t just come ‘ready-made’, now they can be custom designed to incorporate the standard operating procedures of a company. They can be designed around customer or client ‘touch points’ which are industry and company specific. This makes them relevant, authentic, and gives them immediate transferability. Transferability means participants can walk out of the training room and immediately implement the language and skills gained into their work environment. In today’s business climate where budgets and time lines are critical, these types of programs have real and tangible value.


It’s not only the program focus and type that has changed, but also the facilitators as well. ’Old School’ English teachers have now been replaced by ‘Executive Trainers’ who are highly versed in both business practices, the psychology of effective motivation and learning, as well as developing English as a foreign language. Boring and ineffectual book based learning, has now been replaced by authentic simulations and roleplays, active discussions and debates, and real life research and development tasks. Language learning now has immediate purpose and immediate value.


Companies aren’t stuck with long term Business English Programs which are difficult to schedule either. They can choose between full length programs, shorter intensive programs, or dynamic 1 or 2 day workshops and all of these can be done either onsite or online.


Indonesia was recently described as ‘The Invisible Giant’ of Asia. Its growing middle class demographic, abundant resources and exciting business opportunities make it an attractive proposition for foreign investors. Equipping yourself and your employees with the ability to effectively communicate across borders and cultures will be your key to business success.


By Amber Victoria

CEO and Principal Trainer at The Communication Factory